Rosemary (Rosie) Liston (nee Jordan) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in January 1958. She was a fun loving, bright, warm, lady who was an exceptional hostess who loved catering and caring for family and friends. Rosie led a life as a much sort after, talented, professional midwife. As a young lady, Rosie shared the love of pregnancy, birth and babies. Later in life, Rosie faced a cruel twist of fate in her personal life, as she experienced the arduous process of hope and heartache of IVF.

Words fail to express the grief experienced when Rosie died aged 39, at a time before organisations such as “Beyond Blue” and “R U Ok?” were founded. As Rosemary’s death was so sudden and unexpected, the comforting words of, “never expect yourself to get over the circumstances of her death, just know, that one day, you’ll learn to live with it”, still remain in the forefront of those closest to her.

Her caring nature and the deep friendships that she valued has given strength to her wide circle of friends as they have sought solace and support from each other. Since her death in 1997, her friends in Ireland, England, Australia and America are still united in a new-found friendship. We will always be grateful for having known such a wonderful, strong lady who has left us all with many happy memories.

Rose’s cottage and Mary’s Cottage is one property with 2 bedrooms, 2 lounge areas, (with a king single bed, plus a second single bed or a king single), 2 kitchens and 2 combined bathroom laundry areas.


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