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Bake Take Donate

Thank-you to the following for joining our Bake Take Donate Fundraiser

Alice Adelaide Donated - Thank you 28th Nov 2019
Huon Valley Bakery Cafe Hobart   January 2020
Cowell Area School Cowell   December '19
Princy  Adelaide Donated - Thank you 26th Nov 2019
Elsa Adelaide  Chocolate Muffins - Thank you 12th Dec 2019
Carol Kangaroo Island   4th Dec 2019
Mona Darwin Donated - Thank you 25th Nov 2019
Cherrie Kangaroo Island Bikkies 4th Dec 2019
Poh Adelaide Collecting donations - Thank you 4th Dec 2019
Dee Adelaide Apricot Balls - Thank you 15th Dec 2019
Peter Adelaide Donated - Thank you 4th Dec 2019
Dianne Adelaide  Maria's Vanilla Slice January 2020
Maria Adelaide  Vanilla Slice 16th Dec 2019
Dianne Adelaide Maria's Vanilla Slice -Thank you January 2019

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